Nottingham students in need of sobriety

It's clear you’ve had a bit too much to drink when you’re 19-years-old and the weekly routine consists of visiting the doctors once a week to have liver check ups. Matthew Pilkinginton, a 20-year-old student, from Nottingham Trent University has had to turn his life around before he stops himself from living it. Emma Tubbs went... Continue Reading →


Nottingham’s Trentbarton buses show support for the troops with remembrance poppies

A former soldier turned bus driver is delighted with his company's decision to adorn their vehicles with poppies this year. Trentbarton will support the Royal British Legion's campaign by attaching big red poppies to the front of 185 of their buses in the run up to Remembrance Day. The city based firm have also donated £800 to the... Continue Reading →

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