Get Stealthy

Redlight, Cause and Effect, Bicep … everyone I didn’t see and more.

For NYE my sister and I went on a trip to Stealth in Nottingham; the line up looked banging, £35 tickets plus free accommodation at my uni flat.

We rocked up to the club at about 10:30 and the rest gets a little blurry, inevitably. lucky my sister and I soon bumped into people we know; oddly enough, this happens nearly everywhere we go (the East Midlands public school circle is vast and ever growing).

Piecing together the events of the night before, I couldn’t be clear as to what I was doing at midnight, nor who I was with. photo evidence is of little use when the only person that takes them is my sister for the duration of five minutes. I think I should have asked for a go pro for Christmas and strapped it on my chest, it would get me a lot more attention too which is also a bonus. But my main point here is that I don’t think I received a midnight kiss; liberties taken.

The best parts of nights out without big groups is meeting new people, pointless and soon to be forgotten conversations with strangers can be a great help to network. It is also a great help if you’re an awkward and anti-social child that struggles with public interaction; alcohol and such things soothe this vice.


This might be what I decide to do, write about my nights out. I just have to find a way of remembering them to stop me rambling about random crap like I have just done.



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